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SleepytimePjs SleepytimePjs Kids Christmas Pajamas ST71K

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These pajamas are made of 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex for that perfect snug fit! Includes cuffs on the arms and the ankles, and an elastic waistband on the pants. Pajamas are Machine washable. Please make sure to try on the pajamas before washing to make sure they fit as you can't return pajamas once they are washed. Pajamas WILL shrink when washed up to 3%. We have already accounted for the shrinkage in the sizing listed above. (Most shrink occurs in the length NOT the width) Sizes: 2T (32-34" / 26-29 lbs), 3T (34-36” / 30-32 lbs), 4T (37-39" / 33-36 lbs), Kids 6 (45-48" H / 45-55 lbs / 23" Waist), Kids 8 (51-54" H / 56-72 lbs / 24" Waist), Kids 10 (54-57" H / 73-81 lbs / 25" Waist), Kids 12 (57-60" H / 82-93 lbs / 26" Waist). Please Note: For child’s safety, children’s sleepwear should be snug-fitting or flame resistant.This garment is snug-fitting. If you are looking for adult pajamas to match these kids pajamas, search amazon for 'family matching pajamas' and you will find the adult selections and they are prime eligible as well.